A significant number of our students request for their OTHM qualifications studied with us to be  sent to World Education Services (WES) for evaluation.

Below is a guidance on how to add our credentials to your WES portal and other steps you need to take to have us send your qualification to WES. The example shown below relates specifically to an IRCC application.

Step 1 – Select “add credential” on your WES portal

Step 2 – From the drop down menu select United Kingdom as country

Step 3 – For the type of education, from the drop down menu select “Further and Professional Education: BTEC Diplomas and Externally Examined Qualifications”

Step 4 – For institution, start typing in the name of our college “Stratford College of Business and Management” and select it when it appears 

Step 5 – In the field for name of diploma / certificate, start typing in the relevant OTHM qualification studied at our college and select the relevant one.

Step 6 – Complete the remaining fields as required and save.

Step 7 – Review your details and proceed to complete all other necessary steps.

Step 8 – You would need to send us your completed Academic Transcript request form which can be downloaded from your WES portal and also a transfer request form from our college which you can download from the link below. Follow the instructions on the form about  fee payment and return of documents.


Below is a sample of WES Credential Evaluation Report received by a student.