• Minimum Age: 18 yrs
  • Duration: 200 hrs
  • Intake Dates: Open Enrolment
  • Fees: Please see our fees page: www.scbm.org.uk/fees


The workshop aims at giving students knowledge of the evolution, characteristics and principles of current diplomacy, of existing Foreign Service system and diplomatic activities, its functioning and practicing and mainly to support development of skills of a contemporary diplomat and to provide the knowledge about various types of diplomatic practices as well as the privileges and immunities the diplomats gets through the international law.

Workshop Objectives

  • To acquaint participants with the concept of diplomacy and its scope;
  • To acquaint participants with the development of diplomatic practices in different phases of history;
  • To make participants understand various types of diplomacy that are in practice in the contemporary world; and
  • To make participants understand the functions of a diplomat.