• Minimum Age: 18 yrs
  • Duration: 200 hrs
  • Intake Dates: Open Enrolment
  • Fees: Please see our fees page: www.scbm.org.uk/fees

Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance

The aim of this workshop is to develop participants’ understanding of corporate social responsibility and governance. Participants will understand the various ways that business and financial institution needs to operate to ensure that society accepts their processes and procedures. Participants will understand the importance of acting in such a way that ethical codes and practices are followed, and individual dignity is maintained. They will understand the skills required to deal appropriately with governing authorities int he private, public and charitable sectors.

Workshop Objectives

  • Understand laws and practices in a nation and international context.
  • Understand the nature and importance of corporate governance
  • Be able to assess the impact of financial reporting on business organisation’s stakeholders.
  • Understand the principal approaches of governance and assessment of risk.
  • Be able to communicate complex issues in CRS and governance.